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We can see how the current world is increasingly committed to the sustainability, ethics and ecological awareness. And the best part of all this, is that We can take it to all aspects of our life, simply by changing some habits or perspectives. Even so, sometimes we find it difficult to keep this in mind and we we let ourselves be carried away by the facilities offered by "the comfortable", that is, by simple neglect. Today we are going to give you some ideas that do not sacrifice neither the price, nor the aesthetics to be able carry out a sustainable wedding in Tulum and ecological to a greater or lesser extent. We do not believe in the labels, that is, it does not need to be 100% or nothing, with helping in some detail helps the planet.
We're talking about seemingly small changes in their origin that can cause a great impact in the short, medium or long term. We are not simply talking about everything that you will avoid the day of your wedding but to remove consciences, to click in the mind of all those dear ones with whom you share this important day.

We will start with the wedding dress

Tulum Wedding planner

Nowadays fashion lovers are looking for alternatives to fast fashion, that is, industrialized fashion, produced in large quantities, designed with a very short duration and quickly replaced by another passing trend. In the opposite part of this concept we would have the slow fashion, also known as sustainable or conscious fashion and fortunately there are more and more designers who join this movement. Designers who make all their designs with lots of love and natural materials. At the moment it is betting a lot on the fabrics made in Mexico and in this case in Tulum there are many stores with dresses with unique designs and made with natural materials. We recommend La Trouppe with boho style designs perfect for a wedding in Tulum.

Wedding Venue

Another factor that is more significant than we thought would be the location for your wedding and with this, the journey. The biggest carbon footprint of your wedding is the trip, so if you can find a place that connects with you near most of where most guests stay, it would be ideal. What is your level of commitment? moving by air there are carbon offset programs like goldstandard.org. In recent years, we have taken into account the shared use of vehicles, the public transport service, shared transportation, shared transportation, public transport, public transport and public transport. How did we all comment? Something that plays a very important role in space is light. This can change our perception of the environment and how we connect with it. We would never advise to replace the candles for electricity, since they told us at the beginning of the publication, without a minimum of electricity we could put at risk part of the aesthetics and functionality of the word. Still and so we bet on the warm and magical atmosphere that we always get with them.

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The same goes for catering, those who are committed to the cause seek offer proximity food, seasonal and compostable materials. Something that we favors everyone and it is important to bet on local producers, thus reducing the carbon footprint. Limiting transport needs, helps promote the local development and guarantees other aspects of quality.
And now we come to one of our favorite spots, the flowers. And here comes one of the great dilemmas, you will have heard the comment when a celebration of "And What happens now with all these flowers? " Would you be committed to giving a second use? Here we give you different ideas. You can use them to make compost.
Also offer your guests to take them home. An option that we like a lot is to propose your bridesmaids, florist or your own foot bring those flowers to hospitals, residences or other centers that can enjoy of the beauty of those flowers after the party. Even so, if you have our service and you do not want to burden any member of your family or friends with additional tasks, we will always be happy to make this gesture. As it happens with the food a way to reduce the environmental impact is also to choose local flowers and season. Another aspect would be not to use floral foam, basically it is the equivalent to Single-use plastic and does not decompose.
We also bet a lot on using potted plants instead of cut flowers

wedding stationery

There is no doubt that the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about sustainability is plastic. Each time we have more alternatives to this, but still and so If you look at other materials such as glass, paper, metal, ceramics, stone or wood.
Wood is a trend material in weddings since they offer us variety of possibilities but, as always, you can always make more responsible use of it. We show you the most known quality control certificates of wood for ensure that it is proven that this wood comes from an organization that takes care of sustainable management of forests. We would be talking about FSC, PEFC and Rain forest alliance among others.
There are so many options and variety of details in which we can promote sustainability, we would not finish this post, but we want to share with you another idea that we think is very beautiful, it is also the first contact with the wedding, and yes, we have arrived at the invitations. We always have the option of using E-invitations, that is, online. These offer, apart from paper, to ensure that the message comes in a more effective and to share with our loved ones a variety of formats that would become the perfect call.

An idea that we think is great is the invitations with seed paper, not only is it recycled and ecological paper but your guests can plant that invitation and see how your life project grows, metaphorically.

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